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Mixing Senses

Synaesthesis / Synesthesis / Synesthesia / Synaesthesia

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Just add senses and stir!
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Discussion of Synaesthesis, Synaesthesia, and related sense-mixing experiences.
Synaesthesia: Main Entry: syn.es.the.sia
Pronunciation: "si-n&s-'thE-zh(E-)&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from syn-(union) + -aesthesia (sensation)
Definition: a concomitant sensation; especially : a subjective sensation or image of a sense (as of colour) in addition to the one (as of sound) being stimulated.

Do you see the colour of words or sounds? Can you taste music? Can you sense the texture of an aroma? Do letters of the alphabet have distinct colours to you? If so, then you may have Synaesthesia. Many synaesthetes regard their perception as a gift. Many are also accomplished artists or musicians.

This community is for those people who experience synesthesia, or for anyone interested in learning more about the phenomenon.

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